Sneak peek




As promised, here are some pictures of my still life pinch pots. Granted they look at bit blah at this stage, but I think the direction is strong. There’s also one of a bowl I made on the wheel!!! Centering the clay is such a pain in the ass, though. It takes me like 20 minutes and I end up totally splattered with clay. If anyone knows has good tips or videos I’d really appreciate it!


Pinch Pots

I enrolled in a ceramics course this semester, thinking that I would finally get to learn to throw.  I put in hard-time with pinch pots, slabs, and coils last year. Now-after all the hand cramps, glaze splattered clothes, and clay crusted nails-it was time for some real art. Glamorous, smooth, voluptuous pottery would be mine!

Long story short. That dream is not going to come true this time around. Instead, our assignment is to make a ‘still life’ out of 9 pinch pot pieces. Yes. More freaking pinch pots.  My overcrowded house (four bedrooms, seven people, you do the math) is full of re-purposed ceramics projects.

Need a place to put your toothbrush? I’ve got a pinch pot for that! Loose change in your purse giving your shoulders pain? Here’s a coil vase for you! Does your boyfriend accumulate business cards like Ryan Gosling accumulates the hearts of women? Tuck them away in this convenient bowl I made!

Now I am facing bringing home 9 more.  NINE. And they aren’t even vessels (art-speak for something that might actually serve a purpose)! Rather than sketching, which I find brings out most perfectionist tendencies, I simply began to pinch a ball of clay. The lumps are beginning to take form, organic and soft looking. Stay tuned for a peek.

For the moment, I will tide you over with some seeds of inspiration (click on hyperlinks for sources):

21My professor made that by growing borax crystals on his piece-he’s pretty awesome.

Great blobby feet on this one.

and these botanical pieces are interesting….

Well, I’m off to a lab meeting and then the studio. Happy Friday!