True & Co Review: A new way to find your boulder holders? and Wildflowers!


When my white box arrived in the mail last Friday, it immediately skipped upstairs to unload my bounty; three bras of my choosing, along with two ‘expert selections’ and a few other underthings.  There is something to be said for the experience of opening one of True & Co’s parcels – carefully creased tissue paper, glossy note cards, and of course the lacy items beneath it. You feel like you have just received a very expensive, sophisticated, and slightly naughty gift. I ended up keeping one bra of the five, although I wanted to keep four! I was able to try the bras on under all different shirts and dresses to see how versatile each was in my particular wardrobe, which is really useful. Overall, I think it is a great service that I look forward to treating myself to again. 


In other news, this week’s wildflowers are:

– See a Shiba Inu with style at mensweardog.tumblr!

– Can’t get this Muse song out of my mind (fitting that it’s called Madness).

– Smitten Kitchen’s gnocchi in tomato broth for dinner tomorrow. I can’t wait.

– The Blogess ruining baby polar bears  and still being hilarious

– The Neon Museum: soooo freaking cool

– These Shetland ponies in sweaters to promote tourism in Scotland


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